Entrepreneurial advances in optometry

The unique products  have to be different from what the big-box stores offer.  Price doesn't be an issue with unique products, they gain the value back  because they are harder to find .  The successful Optometrists are those who surround themselves  with an Accountant, Lawyer and Banker.  These industry experts help when making key decisions, like buying an existing practice or financing a new, practice valuation, loan structure and industry trends that might affect future decisions, so the solid planning is  important . Opening a new Optometry practice is a risky but a rewarding venture.  The market stratergies are changing with upcoming innovations and focuses on the reaching the higher standards. 
  • Track 1-1 Innovations in Optometric Appliances
  • Track 2-2 Value Chain Concept
  • Track 3-3 ECP patient Marketing
  • Track 4-4 Profit Model Strategies

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